Big Data, Analytics and Data Science Influencers in 2018

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With the field of Analytics growing as rapidly as it is, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations. Lucky for us, we live in a world of social media influencers, where information is fed to us as we scroll.

Here’s a list of some of the top professionals that are not only constantly shifting paradigms in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and more, but also being ‘vocal’ enough to bring attention to the biggest developments!

  1. Ashutosh (Ash) Misra: The Director of Advanced Analytics and Big Data at Philips Lighting, Ashutosh Misra’s work revolves around Machine Learning algorithms, AI and intelligent BOTS. With 26+ years of expertise in research and the IT field, he has dealt with both insurance and financial services.
  2. Atul Jalan: The brain behind ‘Maya’, the world’s first AI-powered conversational agent for Business Analytics, Atul Jalan is the Founder and CEO of Manthan. His work on ‘Maya’ has made even the most sophisticated Analytics interface accessible to every user.
  1. Carla Gentry: One of LinkedIn’s top data influencers, Carla Gentry has over 349K followers. You can also find her by the handle @data_nerd on Twitter with 51K+ followers. The owner of Analytical Solution, Gentry is highly experienced in tackling complicated databases. Her expertise covers a wide range of focus areas including Customer Satisfaction and Retention Analysis, Brand Research & Competitive Analysis, Employee Retention, and more.
  2. Debashish Banerjee: Managing Director of Deloitte Analytics, Debashish Banerjee has had more than 17 years of experience in Analytics, Predictive Modelling and Data Science projects. His work has contributed extensively in areas ranging from Advanced Analytics, to Actuarial Risk Management, to Data Mining and Predictive Modelling areas.
  3. Kirk Borne: With almost 10 years of experience working for NASA, Kirk Borne was appointed by the President of the United States to give a lecture on Data Mining and how it can be used to stay safe from cyber attacks.
  4. Ronald Van Loon: Not only is Ronald Van Loon a great personality to follow on matters concerning Big Data, but also on the Internet of Things and Business Intelligence as well. A writer for organizations like DataFloq, Dataconomy and Data Science Central, Loon recently stepped in as a big data educator for the platform, Simplilearn.
  5. Vincent Granville: Granville is the Co-founder and Executive Data Scientist of ‘Data Science Central’. His popular online resource is a one-stop shop for resources related to Big Data, Analytics, and Data Science. With over 47K+ followers on LinkedIn and 7.6K followers on Twitter, he’s a great person to follow to get the latest updates from the Analytics world.
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