How Business Analytics played a part in Thani Oruvan

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It’s common practice in the film industry to do extensive background research before developing a script. For his movie Thani Oruvan, director Mohan Raja wanted to build a hard-hitting storyline around the life of an IPS officer. But in order to make the story resonate with his audience, in a first-of-its-kind attempt, the director roped in a Business Analytics firm to support the research process with a foundation of data-based insights.

So how did the Tamil movie director use Business Analytics?

  1. The firm analyzed data from crime records and media reports from 1990 to help develop an authentic and logical progression in the storyline.
  2. After extensive research, they plotted an emotional graph of the hero and villain. This graph highlighted what each character would be going through emotionally at every point in the movie. This helped the director pack in the tension during the editing.
  3. The firm also did a detailed characterization of IPS officers to build out the persona of the film’s hero.

And like this there are many interesting applications of business analytics. Stay tuned to learn more !


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