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Flexible Learning Program Tailored for Working Professionals & Corporate Cohorts

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SSN SACE’s 6-month part-time PG Program in Business Analytics & Data Science is tailored to the needs of working professionals & corporate cohorts.

Designed in collaboration with industry partners, this course packs in hands-on training in over 12 leading tools, lecture sessions by experienced academicians and industry professionals, and rich application-oriented curriculum. The flexible learning system and continuous faculty-support enable industry workers upskill and remain future-ready without having to quit their jobs!

Program Outline

The curriculum of the program will be modularized as follows:

Business Intelligence


Data Science

Data Science


Advanced Techniques



Weekend classes


50 Contact Hrs/ Month


Continuous learning support

Program Highlights


Fully Flexible learning system


Each module is covered in 4 months – two hundred contact hours


The faculty Team consists of Experienced academicians in the area of business analytics along with industry professionals


Rich application oriented Curriculum which make the student industry ready


Blended Learning

The classes will be held over the weekends. Additionally, the professionals will be given e-learning material and assignments to be completed during the week. They can contact the faculty through mail/LMS.

Learning by Doing

This approach will be used in the third module, in which the professionals will be working on practicum project involving business applications. Depending on the project, the additional advanced topics to be covered will be identified jointly by professional and faculty. The topics will be covered in class as well as e-learning.

Who Can Apply?

IT/ Technology Professionals

IT or Technology professionals who wish to shape their career by adding business analytics as a skill set to take up the challenging roles in the Rapidly changing Scenario.

Business People / Entrepreneurs

Business People or Entrepreneurs to scale their business units using analytics.

Mid-Career Professionals

Mid-career professionals who wish to upgrade their competencies and steer their career into roles that are defined by data driven decision making

For corporate enquiries, please feel free to contact us:

Mobile: +91-94459 72530 | Email: sace.info@ssn.edu.in