Top Skill Sets of a Data Scientist

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Data Scientists are some of the most sought after people in the job market today. If you’re looking to break into this exciting and rapidly growing career path, here’s a list of skills that you should start developing:

  • Programming Skills – R and Python are the most sought after technologies. According to Edvancer & AIM, data scientists with proficiency in Python are more in demand.


  • Statistics – A good understanding of statistics is very essential. An in-depth understanding of probability distributions, Maximum Likelihood Estimators, etc are an added bonus.
  • Visualization – Visualization and presentation are very vital for companies that provide data-driven decisions.
  • Database – Writing efficient SQL queries is a prerogative in order to prepare data for further analysis.
  • Domain Knowledge Companies value domain knowledge to solve industry-specific concerns. Eg: Customer churn prediction in telecom.
  • Data Wrangling Data comes in different sizes, shapes, and sources; Companies want someone who is adept at handling these data imperfections.

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