Event Date: February 14th 2024
Event Title: Drexel University team at SSN SACE for Direct Pathway Program Orientation
“Empowering Futures: Drexel University & SSN SACE Direct Pathway Program Orientation Recap!”

A big thank you to all the students who attended the orientation session for the MS Biomedical Engineering program at Drexel University in collaboration with SSN School of Advanced Career Education Direct Pathway Program. It was an enlightening and inspiring day filled with valuable insights and discussions.

Expert Details:
Dr. Rogelio Minana
 Vice Provost for Global Engagement
Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA

Dr. Sriram Balasubramanian
Associate Professor
 School of Biomedical Engineering, Science, and Health Systems
Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA

Students from various departments including BME, ECE, CSE, and IT utilized the day to meticulously plan their higher education journey at Drexel University. The enthusiasm and dedication showcased by each attendee were truly commendable!

Drexel representatives engaged in fruitful discussions with Dr. Kala Vijayakumar, President of SSN Institutions, Chennai, India, exploring avenues for strengthened collaboration and future endeavors.

💡 Moreover, Heads of the ECE, CSE, and IT departments at SSN College of Engineering actively participated in further collaboration discussions for the MS AI, ML and IOT programs. This signifies the growing interest and importance of interdisciplinary studies in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

We are thrilled to witness such a dynamic exchange of ideas and look forward to the exciting prospects that lie ahead in our partnership between Drexel University and SSN Institutions.

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities! 

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