Event Date: January 7th 2024
Event Title: MS BME Founding batch at Drexel University, USA
Thrilled to share that the inaugural batch of SSN SACE – Drexel Direct Pathway MS BME students has successfully arrived in the U.S., completed their orientation, and embarked on their academic journey at Drexel University!

The start of classes marks a significant milestone as these bright minds begin their pursuit of excellence in the field of Biomedical Engineering. Their dedication and passion for advancing healthcare through innovation are truly commendable.

This collaborative program between SSN Institutions, Chennai, India and Drexel University, USA, offers a unique opportunity for students to gain a global perspective, cutting-edge knowledge, and hands-on experience in the dynamic field of Biomedical Engineering.

As they navigate through this transformative experience, we extend my best wishes to the students, faculty, and staff involved in making this program a resounding success. May this partnership continue to foster cross-cultural exchange and contribute to the advancement of biomedical sciences.

Here’s to the future leaders and innovators in Biomedical Engineering!

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